Who are we?

Zagadka Escape Games is an Escape Room business in the heart of Aalborg

Escape Room

…is a live-action adventure game with a series of puzzles which have to be solved in order to escape! 

The name

Zagadka or rather загадка is the russian word for puzzle, riddle, enigma – which is what we hope to create for you 


An Escape Room is a good way of accomplishing teambuilding, problem solving, celebrating an event or spending quality time with friends and family. 

Behind the curtain

The main operator behind the scenes of Zagadka is Nasha Pilgård Vej – who is also in charge of the website, which is why I’ll go ahead and continue in first person.
 I’ve been a geek in love with storytelling and narratives my whole life, and so it was no surprise that I decided to study history. My very first semester years ago, I chose a subject on the Russian revolution, which was the beginning of a lasting love of Russian history, culture and language.
  Escape games have fascinated me for a long time, because of their nature as a physical game environment and their endless potential use of storytelling and world building. The choice to start an Escape Room business, where my love of Russian history could be expressed through play and storytelling, was by no means a stretch. This choice was however only possibly because of the overwhelming amount of help and support from family and friends, of which I’ll write more later.
 The name Zagadka is the Russian word for puzzle, riddle or enigma, and therefore quite fitting for a business such as this. It does however not mean that Zagadka will only offer Russian themed rooms in the future. On the contrary, I hope to present many different and unique Escape Rooms in the future. The concepts and many of the details you will encounter in Zagadka’s opening Escape Rooms are my own, though based on real events, whereas the puzzle design and structure is the work of experience designer Phillip Justman.

  I hope you will welcome Zagadka Escape Games when we open in the coming spring.

The outside help

Puzzle designPhillip Justman
Design and construction of electrical props: Eddie Farr, Tom Knabe og Intego 
Logo design: Cecilie Maintz Thorsen
Grafical design of the more elaborate cluesDet Grafiske Hjørne
Carpentry: Carsten and Peter of Holger Tygesen

Thanks to Jan and Finn Thomsen for their time and help,  and Birgit and Hardy Vej for the support and advice.

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