Booking and payment

It is possible to book at least 24 hour in advance through the online booking platform, or by calling +45 93101134. You can  decide to pay with credit card during booking or wait until you are on site and pay using mobile pay. It is not possible to pay on site using credit cards. 
 Though none of the rooms show the darker side of the history they are based on, we advise that players be at least 14 years of age.
If you wish to book both rooms in the same time slot, as part of a team building exercise  or corporate event, you can arrange this by either calling +45 93101134 or through email 


On the day
 Show up at the booked time and be prepared to spend an hour and a half on site. You will need no special preparation or attire. When you arrive you will be given a short introduction to the game by your Game Master, where you will be able to talk about how liberal you wish Game Master to be with hints and help throughout the game. You have 60 minutes to complete the game, though if you do it faster, all the more credit to you. Game Master will be watching your progress from the control room and will be standing ready with hints when these are needed and wanted.
 After the game you will have the chance to go over the puzzles and the experience with your Game Master.

None of the currently offered games include a final locked door and therefore there is always an unlocked door between the players and the rest of the facilities, as well as clearly marked emergency exits. The Game Master, who watches the games at all times, is only a few feet away from the actual rooms and constantly standing by in case of an emergency.

We reserve the right to turn away inebriated customers.

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