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 Zagadka is a sole proprietorship owned by Nasha Vej, who holds a master’s degree in history – specifically Soviet history. Retrieving the concepts for the games in the darker parts of Russian history therefore seemed natural. Zagadka is the Russian word for puzzle, enigma or riddle.  Our games are  designed specifically for us by Phillip Justman
Our main goal is to deliver an entertaining Escape Room experience through solid puzzle design,  immersive storytelling and attentive service. 

It is possible to book an experience online, until 19 hours before the game. If you wish to book a room for the same day, you can contact us at +45 93101134 and inquire about available times. 

Arrive at the booked time, which is when the introduction before the game will start. How long you are on site depends on how fast you are; you have 60 minutes to solve the escape game, but set aside an hour and a half for the entire experience.

On arrival you will be met by your game master, who will give you an introduction before the actual game. The game master will be surveilling the game at all time from the control room and is ready to supply you with clues and help if needed and wanted. After the game your game master will go over the experience with you and you will have the chance to get a group photo taken. 

Our new location is at Vesterbro 64 – which is a terrible location for parking. There are various oppertunities for street parking in the surrounding areas, but if you want to be sure to find a place to park then Salling P-Hus or Palads P-hus are your best options. 
 You can read more about the various parking options in the city centre here

You can pay using mobilepay, card or cash on the day. If you wish to pay via bank transfer or EAN call or write us an email and we will send you a bill. 

Call in advance to inquire about the possibility to play a game on the same day, as it isn’t certain there is staff on site if we have no bookings. 

If you are between 6 and 11 players you can book both rooms through the online booking. If you are more than 11 people, contact us and we’ll figure something out. Only 11 people can play the games at a time, but we have a cozy waiting area, where we can serve a cup of coffee or tea for possible waiting teams. 

Standard price for an Escape Room: 750 kr. 

Two games on the same day: 1350 kr.

Three games on the same day: 1800 kr.

Four games on the same day: 2400 kr.  

The first Sunday of every month 2-person groups can play any room for 500 kr.

Wednesday – Thursday, as well as Friday before 3 pm we offer a 20 % discount for students. 
(600 kr. pr. game,  –  1200 kr. for both rooms simultaneously) 
 Half the group – rounded up if unequal number of players – must show a valid student ID. 
 It is not possible to receive a student discount if you show up more people than the capacity of the booked room(s). 

Possibly discounts will be subtracted from the price at payment. 

We offer a  20 % discount for students all  Wednesday and Thursday, as well as Friday before 3 pm
Half the group, rounded up if unequal number of players, must show a valid student ID. 
 It is not possible to receive a student discount if you show up more people than the capacity of the booked room(s).

Every first Sunday of the month we offer Escape Games for 2-person groups for 500 kr. only. 

Though none of the rooms show the darker aspects of the history they are based on, we advise that players be at least 13 years of age.

There is always an unlocked door between the players and the rest of the facilities, as well as clearly marked emergency exits. The game master, who watches the games at all times, is only a few feet away from the actual rooms and constantly standing by in case of an emergency.

We understand that if you are visiting as part of a bachelor(ette) party or other festivities, that you might wish to drink before the experience. This is of course okay, but we also have to be protective of our rooms. If we deem you too inebriated, we reserve the right to turn you away. 

Yes! It is possibly to buy a beautiful gift certificate, so that you may gift an escape room experience.  Call or write us an email to inquire further about physical gift cards. If you wish to buy one that you may email directly or print out click here

It is no longer necessary to show covid passport before playing an Escape Room. We, however, continue with the following measures; 
  We only have one group in the building at a time, and there is plenty of time between groups so you can be sure to not meet anyone but your own party and game master. 
 We air out the rooms between groups, and have an increased focus on cleaning

Opening hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 12. pm - 7.30 pm.
Thursday: 1 pm. - 6.30 pm.
Friday: 12 pm. - 9.30 pm.
Saturday: 10 am. - 9.30 p.m.
Sunday: 11 p.m. - 6.30 p.m.

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Phone: +45 93101134