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Gulag Escape Room Aalborg

The GULAG Escape

The harsh Siberian climate, the great distance back to civilization and your complete lack of clothes, provision or travel documents have long kept you from escaping the forced labor camp, in which you toil, charged with counter revolutionary crimes you never committed. One night however, in the dark cold barracks, a voice whispers to you and brings hope of a possible escape – but you must hurry for the window of opportunity is short!

Time limit: 60 min.
Players: 2-5
Difficulty: Medium
                    Great puzzle variety though less multi
                    -pathed than Dyatlov. Suitable for smaller

The Dyatlov Mystery

In February of 1959 nine experienced hikers perished at Kholat Syakhl in the Ural mountains, now known as the Dyatlov Pass, named after the leader of the expedition Igor Dyatlov. Their camp was found off course, their bodies scattered after they had seemingly escaped their camp in a panic. Theories circulate, some wilder than others, but we still have no solid answers.
  The year is 1975, and your informant at the Soviet Military Archive have reluctantly granted you access to the evidence. You have one hour before the evidence is locked away for good, and the chances of finding justice for the Dyatlov group along with it.

Time limit: 60 min
Players: 2-6
Difficulty: Challenge
                    Greater focus on code breaking and pattern
                     recognition. Suitable for larger groups. 

Escape Room tips and guidelines

1. Be aware of your surroundings, nothing is coincidental!

2. Communicate amongst yourselves about what you find and how you reckon it should be used.

3. All keys and passwords are needed only once.

4. Keep track of what you have already used and what you have yet to use.

5. Nothing on the ceiling is part of the game, so just ignore the cameras and other electronics placed there. You are being monitored during the game, but you are not being recorded.

6. Anything painted red should not be manipulated with. Red handles around windows indicate emergency exits, which should naturally only be used in case of an emergency.

7. No reason to use force or rip any of the paper props.

8. Don’t be afraid to ask your Game Master for a hint or letting them know that you absolutely do not want help if that’s the case.

9. You can safely place your phone in a locker with the rest of your stuff, you won’t need it!

10. Have fun!


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